Prince William's Hurt, No Forgiveness for Harry

Royal Rift Intensifies Amidst Memoir Revelations

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince William's Hurt, No Forgiveness for Harry
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In a recent development within the British Royal Family, Prince Harry's memoir "Spare" has stirred significant controversy, particularly with its claims about Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales. This has reportedly caused considerable distress to his brother, Prince William.

In a conversation with OK!, sources close to the family reveal that Prince William is deeply troubled by the allegations made in the book. It's understood that while Kate Middleton has made efforts to move beyond the incident, prioritizing her commitment to the family, Prince William finds it challenging to overlook the manner in which his brother has publicly criticized his wife.

An insider shared, "Kate may have grudgingly put the past behind her out of loyalty to the family, but William can never forgive Harry for the way he’s thrown Kate under the bus." This statement underscores Harry's revelations' strain on the brothers' relationship.

Prince Harry's Deep Hurt

On his end, Prince Harry is said to be profoundly affected by the fallout of his actions, particularly the estrangement from his brother. "Harry is still incredibly hurt by how he has been ostracized by his brother," the source added, highlighting the emotional toll the situation has taken on him.

The memoir includes various assertions about Kate Middleton, including her purportedly strained relationship with Prince Harry's wife, Meghan Markle. These claims have only added to the situation's complexity, making reconciliation seem more distant.

Despite Prince Harry's apparent hope for an apology from the royal family, the likelihood of such a gesture, especially from Prince William, remains slim, according to the source. The royal family has traditionally maintained a stance of not publicly addressing personal disputes, and this situation appears to be no exception.

This ongoing saga within the Royal Family continues to captivate public interest, with many observers keenly following the developments and their impact on the family dynamics. The revelation of these private matters in Prince Harry's memoir has undoubtedly changed the landscape of the royal relationships, leaving the future of these familial ties uncertain.

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