Charlie Hunnam: The Almost Anakin of Star Wars

Charlie Hunnam Recalls Nerve-Wracking Star Wars Audition Moment

by Zain ul Abedin
Charlie Hunnam: The Almost Anakin of Star Wars
© Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

In an industry where casting decisions can alter careers and reshape iconic roles, Charlie Hunnam's recent revelation about his near-brush with the Star Wars universe is making waves. The accomplished actor, poised to captivate audiences in the upcoming 'Rebel Moon', shared a surprising anecdote about almost landing the role of Anakin Skywalker.

This part eventually went to Hayden Christensen. In a candid interview with Entertainment Tonight's Ash Crossan, Hunnam delved into the long-standing speculation surrounding his audition for the pivotal role in George Lucas's epic saga.

He recalled the intense process that led him to a personal meeting with Lucas, a rarity in the casting world, especially for a franchise as colossal as Star Wars. The competition for the role of Anakin was fierce, with notable actors like Paul Walker, Ryan Phillippe, and even Leonardo DiCaprio in the running.

However, Lucas's decision to cast the then-relatively unknown Christensen marked the beginning of Darth Vader's legendary backstory.

Hunnam's Lucas Encounter

Reflecting on his experience, Hunnam, with a touch of humor and humility, admitted his nervousness during the meeting with Lucas.

He sensed the awkwardness in the air and left with a gut feeling that the role wouldn't be his. His intuition proved accurate, but Hunnam's gracious attitude towards the outcome speaks volumes about his professionalism. "I had forgotten about it too, but yes, I did reach the point of meeting George Lucas, which is not something many actors can claim," Hunnam said.

"I think they had narrowed it down to maybe two or three actors at that stage. Honestly, I don't remember much, but the nerves were definitely there." The actor's candidness about the audition process and his lighthearted take on not landing the role offer a rare glimpse into the often opaque world of Hollywood casting.

His journey serves as a reminder of the various paths talent can take in the film industry, each leading to its unique destination. As Hunnam gears up for his role in 'Rebel Moon', this revelation about his almost-history with Star Wars adds an intriguing layer to his already impressive career.

It's a testament to the unpredictable and exciting nature of the film industry, where every audition, every role, holds the potential for cinematic immortality.