Nicki Minaj assured that her documentary will be out soon


Nicki Minaj assured that her documentary will be out soon
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Nicki Minaj's documentary is still not out, and fans are impatient and asking when the documentary will see the light of day. Being a guest on Watch What Happens Live, Minaj confirmed that the documentary is in preparation and that the project is finished.

“The documentary is absolutely still coming,” - she said, as quoted by PEOPLE!

“I’ll of course add some new stuff going on in it to reflect the aftermath of Pink Friday 2 and stuff like that, but it’s done."

Nicki Minaj believes fans will be amazed by what they're going to see. She chose to share some of her most significant secrets. Her life is a really interesting adventure filled with many anecdotes. However, as in everyone's life, many bad things happened in hers, which Minaj will surely talk about.

"I am sharing stuff that probably nobody would expect me to share in the documentary. It’s going to be a great experience for my fans.”

Nicki Minaj on the delay

Minaj explained the delay in releasing the documentary. The issue arose when she didn't release her album, and the documentary includes songs from it.

“What happened was — because my album was not done when I was going to originally put it out, I didn’t want the documentary to come out without the music. That would’ve made no sense to people. Because of that, that network, they had to go with something else and I couldn't force a documentary out either.”

This well-known singer has an amazing team supporting her efforts to make a documentary that will grab the attention of not only her fans but also people all around the world.

"I am working with two people that are really interested. I think it’s going to be a nicer or easier experience to bridge the documentary now with the music.”

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