Georgia Law: Giuliani's $148M Appeal Hurdle

Giuliani Faces Steep Hurdles in Defamation Case Fallout

by Zain ul Abedin
Georgia Law: Giuliani's $148M Appeal Hurdle
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In a recent segment on MSNBC's "The Katie Phang Show," Barbara McQuade, a former U.S. Attorney, shed light on Rudy Giuliani's daunting financial challenge in appealing the staggering $148 million judgment against him. Giuliani, a former Mayor of New York City, faces this monumental penalty for defaming Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, two Georgia poll workers, with the jury imposing $75 million in punitive damages alone.

During the discussion with host Katie Phang on Saturday, McQuade highlighted the financial intricacies of pursuing an appeal in Georgia. The state's legal system requires what is known as an appeal bond, a significant sum that often exceeds the judgment amount.

This bond acts as a safeguard, ensuring that appeals are pursued for valid reasons and not merely as a tactic to delay compensation. McQuade expressed doubts about Giuliani's ability to secure such a bond. "I don't know that Rudy Giuliani is going to get an appeal bond, so he might not be able to do it at all," she remarked.

This financial roadblock could be a critical impediment to Giuliani's appeal efforts.

Giuliani's Legal Challenges

Another potential avenue for Giuliani, as McQuade pointed out, is seeking a remitter. This legal maneuver involves requesting the trial court to reassess the judgment amount for its excessiveness.

However, even with a possible reduction, Giuliani still faces a financial burden running into tens of millions of dollars. The case against Giuliani, stemming from his defamatory statements against Freeman and Moss, has garnered significant attention.

It underscores the severe consequences of defamation, particularly when public figures are involved. The hefty judgment and the ensuing appeal difficulties serve as a stark reminder of the legal and financial ramifications that can arise from irresponsible public statements.

This development in Giuliani's legal saga is not just a personal crisis for the former mayor but also a moment of reckoning in the broader context of political accountability and the rule of law. As the case unfolds, it remains a topic of keen interest and discussion, particularly among legal experts and political commentators.