Jason Momoa: Fans' Last Hope to Save 'Aquaman'

Momoa Expresses Concerns Over Aquaman's Role Continuity

by Zain ul Abedin
Jason Momoa: Fans' Last Hope to Save 'Aquaman'
© Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty Images

In an era where superhero films dominate the box office, the fate of one of DC Universe's beloved characters, Aquaman, hangs in the balance. Jason Momoa, the charismatic actor behind the aquatic hero, has recently expressed his concerns about the future of his character in the newly restructured DC Universe.

His appeal to fans for support highlights the uncertain future of Aquaman in the James Gunn and Peter Safran-led cinematic universe. During an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Momoa, also known for his role in "Dune," shared candid insights into the potential trajectory of the 'Sea-king' hero.

He expressed a mixture of hope and realism, stating, "The truth of it is, I mean, if the audience loves it, then there's a possibility. But right now, I'm like, 'It's not looking too good.' "

Aquaman's Uncertain Future

The Hawaiian-born actor's affinity for Aquaman is palpable.

He described his deep attachment to the character and his aspirations for its future. "I love this character and [I would want to] play it for a long time. I kind of see where I would want it to go," Momoa said. He emphasized the numerous exciting directions the franchise could take over the next decade, showcasing his enthusiasm for both the role and the expansive universe it inhabits.

However, despite his optimism, Momoa couldn't hide his apprehension regarding Aquaman's continuity in the DC Universe. Having first donned the superhero's trident in 2017's "Justice League," he expressed a desire for this not to be the end of his journey as Aquaman.

Yet, he acknowledged, "I don't necessarily want it to be the end… [but] I don't think it's really, like, a choice." As fans eagerly anticipate the release of "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom," scheduled to premiere in cinemas on December 22, the question remains: Will fan support be enough to secure Aquaman's place in the evolving landscape of the DC Universe? Momoa's heartfelt plea has certainly put the spotlight on the power of audience influence in shaping the future of superhero cinema.