Derek Hough Hopeful Post-Wife's Challenging Surgery

Hough Shares Update on Wife's Post-Surgery Progress

by Zain ul Abedin
Derek Hough Hopeful Post-Wife's Challenging Surgery
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Celebrity dancer and "Dancing With the Stars" judge Derek Hough recently expressed his gratitude and relief following his wife Hayley Erbert's emergency brain surgery. In a heartfelt update shared via Instagram on December 15, Hough revealed the couple's harrowing experience that swiftly turned their lives from a dream to a nightmare.

The 38-year-old Hough, in a video showcasing him and Erbert walking around Washington, D.C., with Erbert donning a protective helmet, opened up about the life-altering event. "The past week has been a challenging journey for us, a life-threatening event that suddenly came into our lives," Hough captioned.

He described the period as fraught with uncertainty and fear, a stark contrast to their otherwise dreamy life on stage. Erbert, 29, is reportedly recuperating well from the incident, a recovery Hough refers to as "nothing short of a miracle." The couple, who tied the knot on August 26, faced this unexpected challenge during a December 6 performance of Hough's show "A Symphony of Dance" in Washington, D.C.

Erbert, feeling disoriented, was hospitalized and diagnosed with a cranial hematoma, necessitating an urgent craniectomy.

Derek Hough Highlights Recovery Path

Hough detailed the path ahead for Erbert's recovery, including an upcoming surgery to insert a skull implant.

This procedure is crucial for restoring the skull's natural shape and safeguarding the brain. He expressed profound thanks to their fans for their unwavering support and acknowledged the exemplary medical team attending to Erbert.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Derek Hough mused about life's fragility and the swift changes one can encounter. He praised the resilience and strength humans possess and emphasized the importance of a supportive community during such trials.

As the holiday season approaches, Derek Hough acknowledged that it wouldn't be the celebration they had envisioned. Nonetheless, they remain grateful, with a renewed appreciation for life and the people in it. In these moments, the couple finds strength and hope, looking forward to cherishing life with a deeper sense of gratitude.