Glen Powell's Heartthrob Journey: Guided by Dermot Mulroney

Rom-Com Star Glen Powell's Latest Endeavor

by Zain ul Abedin
Glen Powell's Heartthrob Journey: Guided by Dermot Mulroney
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As anticipation builds for the upcoming romantic comedy "Anyone But You," Hollywood heartthrob Glen Powell has opened up about the invaluable guidance he received from seasoned rom-com veteran Dermot Mulroney. Powell candidly shared Mulroney's wise counsel in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter: "Don't be ashamed." Powell, renowned for his roles in action-packed films like "Top Gun: Maverick," takes center stage in "Anyone But You," a charming rom-com that explores the age-old trope of falling for one's best friend's sister.

Initially, Powell approached the genre with a touch of apprehension. "I was a little nervous," Powell confessed. "Romantic comedies demand a unique touch. They are profoundly personal, and you strive to capture the essence just right."

Mulroney's Guidance Inspires

It was here that Mulroney's invaluable advice came into play.

Having graced countless rom-coms, including classics like "My Best Friend's Wedding" and "The Sweetest Thing," Mulroney assured Powell that there was no need to shy away from the genre's inherent sentimentality. "He simply said, 'Embrace it,'" Powell reminisced.

"'Do not shy away from humor, vulnerability, or romance. This is what these films are all about.' " Mulroney's words struck a chord with Powell. "Anyone But You" has garnered enthusiastic praise from critics who have lauded Powell's endearing performance and the film's heartwarming humor.

Film critic Christy Lemire weighed in on Powell's performance, remarking, "Glen has truly nailed it in this film. He embodies the perfect blend of leading-man charisma and relatable awkwardness that captivates the audience." "Anyone But You" is poised to grace the silver screen on February 10th, promising to be a delightful addition to the world of romantic comedies.

Don't miss the chance to embrace the genre's charm and humor, beautifully embodied by Glen Powell under the guidance of Dermot Mulroney.