Taylor Lautner Discusses 2009 Split with Taylor Swift

Actor Taylor Lautner opens up about personal growth journey.

by Nouman Rasool
Taylor Lautner Discusses 2009 Split with Taylor Swift
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In an exclusive revelation, Taylor Lautner, renowned for his role in the "Twilight" saga, opened up about his past relationship with superstar singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and how they've managed to maintain a cordial friendship over the years.

The actor, during his appearance on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast hosted by Alex Cooper on December 13, shed light on the dynamics of his past romance and the essence of their current friendship. Lautner, who catapulted to fame with his role in the iconic "Twilight" series, reflected on the unique bond he shared with Swift, emphasizing the respect and admiration they held for each other, which transcended beyond their youthful romance.

“Every relationship is different, but the foundation of respect and understanding for who they are at their core can pave the way for forgiveness and a different kind of love post-breakup,” he explained. He recalled their young love, noting that they were 18 and 20, respectively, at the time of their relationship.

Renewed Friendship Blossoms

Despite a period of lost contact, Lautner highlighted that their strong initial connection facilitated a seamless reconnection. This year marked a significant moment in their renewed friendship, as Lautner featured in Swift's music video for "I Can See You." Expressing his profound respect for Swift, he shared, “One of the best things in my life recently has been reigniting our friendship.

She’s an extraordinary person to have in your life”. Addressing the lingering question about their 2009 breakup, Lautner, with a light-hearted laugh, confirmed that it was indeed Swift who decided to end their relationship.

However, this detail has not hindered their current friendship. Lautner’s wife, Taylor Dome, whom he married in 2022, has been incredibly supportive of his friendship with Swift. Dome joined the podcast episode, praising Swift’s inclusive and thoughtful nature, especially in professional collaborations.

She highlighted how Swift’s kindness and consideration made the situation comfortable and easy to navigate. Lautner expressed no concerns about the dynamics between his wife and Swift. He shared on a July episode of his and Dome's "The Squeeze" podcast, “The situation might seem complicated, but I’ve always been confident about it.

My wife is the epitome of cool and understanding, and she’s a huge fan of Swift’s work”. This candid interview not only sheds light on Lautner's personal journey and growth but also highlights the maturity and grace with which former partners can transition into a friendship, setting a positive example in the realm of celebrity relationships.

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