Jacob Elordi: Discovering a Passion for Acting

Exploring Jacob Elordi's Unique Journey in Film and TV

by Zain ul Abedin
Jacob Elordi: Discovering a Passion for Acting
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In a recent and revealing interview, Jacob Elordi, known for his roles in "Euphoria" and "The Kissing Booth," shared a candid glimpse into his journey towards finding his passion for acting. Elordi, an Australian native, attributed a significant turning point to his experiences at an all-boys Catholic school, which he described as "unsettling." Speaking to Variety, the 26-year-old actor opened up about a pivotal moment during his teenage years.

"When I was 15 and attending an all-boys Catholic school, I felt deeply unsettled but couldn't pinpoint the reason," Elordi shared. However, in a theatre class where he encountered Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot", everything began to shift for him.

"I didn't fully understand the play, but something inside me changed drastically. It was as if all my prior beliefs were suddenly upended," he recalled. This experience in theatre class marked the beginning of Elordi's love affair with acting.

"After reading through that script, I just knew — acting was my calling," he said. The young actor immersed himself entirely in the craft, describing acting, performance, and storytelling as his new "church." "I was consumed by a desire to learn and absorb as much as possible about the art," Elordi elaborated.

Elordi's Acting Evolution

Elordi's approach to acting has evolved significantly over the years. Initially focused on losing himself in his characters, he now strives to bring more of his identity into his performances. "Incorporating my essence into roles has been a heady and trippy experience," he admitted.

The actor's path to success was not straightforward. Starting his career with Australian films like "Swinging Safari" and "The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee" in 2018, Elordi moved to the United States. His breakthrough came with the hit teen drama "Euphoria," which catapulted him into the limelight.

Jacob Elordi's story is one of transformation and discovery, a journey from feeling lost in a strict educational environment to finding freedom and identity in acting. His candid revelations offer a unique insight into the life of an actor who has become a familiar face in Hollywood, showing the resilience and passion that drive success in this competitive industry.