George Clooney Jokes on His 'Single Appearance' as Batman in 'The Flash'

Clooney Shocks Fans with Unexpected Role Reprisal

by Zain ul Abedin
George Clooney Jokes on His 'Single Appearance' as Batman in 'The Flash'
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Hollywood icon George Clooney, known for his versatility in acting and directing, is again making headlines. His latest directorial venture, 'The Boys in the Boat,' is scheduled for a festive release on December 25, capturing the heroic true story of the 1936 University of Washington rowing team's gold-medal triumph at the Berlin Olympics.

Amidst the buzz surrounding this eagerly anticipated film, Clooney has also stirred up conversations in the DC Universe with his unexpected return to the Batman role in this summer's blockbuster, 'The Flash.' Clooney's portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the 1997 Joel Schumacher-directed 'Batman & Robin' remains a controversial topic among superhero movie enthusiasts.

Often labeled as one of the genre's less celebrated installments, the film prompted Clooney to criticize its quality in previous interviews openly. During a 2020 conversation with Howard Stern, Clooney lamented the film's screenplay by Akiva Goldsman, acknowledging both his and the script's shortcomings.

Clooney's Batman Surprise

However, in a surprising twist, Clooney donned the cape once more in 'The Flash.' The film features a pivotal scene where Ezra Miller's Barry Allen connects over the phone with Bruce Wayne after a tumultuous journey through timelines.

Audiences were caught off guard when it was revealed that Clooney, not the anticipated Ben Affleck, was playing Batman in this sequence. Affleck later appears in the film, adding to the multi-layered narrative. Clooney's cameo sparked speculation about his future involvement in the Batman franchise.

Addressing this curiosity at the Los Angeles premiere of 'The Boys in the Boat,' Clooney responded with characteristic humor. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he quipped about the lack of demand for his return as the caped crusader, suggesting that his appearance in 'The Flash' was unique.

Post-'Batman & Robin,' Clooney shifted his focus to behind-the-camera roles, carving a successful path as a director. 'The Boys in the Boat' represents his latest achievement in this realm, promising to deliver a compelling, emotionally resonant tale of determination and triumph.

As Clooney continues to redefine his career, alternating between acting and directing, his impact on the cinematic landscape remains as significant as ever. With 'The Boys in the Boat' set to debut on Christmas Day, audiences are poised to witness another facet of Clooney's artistic prowess.

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