Matt Rife Criticized for Inappropriate Joke to Child about Mom's OnlyFans


Matt Rife Criticized for Inappropriate Joke to Child about Mom's OnlyFans
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Matt Rife, an emerging comedian known for his TikTok popularity and recent Netflix special, "Natural Selection," has landed in hot water following a controversial interaction with a child online. Bunny Hedaya, a TikToker, has accused Rife of making an inappropriate remark to her six-year-old son, sparking significant online backlash.

Hedaya, whose son has a keen interest in space, shared a TikTok video that quickly garnered over 9 million views, where she expressed her dismay at Rife's online behavior. She revealed that her son had responded to a segment in Rife's comedy special where he humorously criticized those who believe in astrology.

Rife's segment stated, "Your future is determined by your own thoughts, opinions, and actions," dismissing the influence of planets on personal decision-making.

Child Challenges Rife's Joke

The controversy began when Hedaya's son reacted to Rife's astrological joke in a separate video.

Addressing Rife's earlier problematic joke about domestic violence in the same Netflix special, the child humorously corrected Rife's astronomical error and accused him of being unkind to women. Rife's response to the child's video, though reportedly untagged and now deleted, was less than well-received.

He retorted on Instagram, "Jupiter also has [a] ring. OH!.. and Santa [Claus] isn't real. Your mom buys you presents with the money she makes on OnlyFans. Good luck." This comment, deemed insensitive and inappropriate for a child, has intensified the scrutiny Rife faces, especially considering his past criticism over a domestic abuse joke.

Hedaya's TikTok followers have reacted strongly, with many pointing out the irony of a comedian known for dark, offensive humor being unable to handle a joke from a child. Comments range from ridiculing Rife's inability to take a joke to expressing support for Hedaya and her son.

Some users highlighted the maturity of Hedaya's son compared to Rife's childish response. In her video, Hedaya also addressed Rife's OnlyFans claim, denying any such involvement and suggesting that Rife struggles to accept that women can be appreciated for their personalities beyond physical attributes.

Despite the growing controversy, Rife has yet to publicly respond to Hedaya's accusations, and his representatives have not commented on the matter. This incident adds to the challenges Rife faces in establishing his comedic career amidst increasing public scrutiny.