Derek Hough Updates on Hayley Erbert's Post-Surgery Recovery

Renowned dancer faces unexpected health challenge bravely.

by Nouman Rasool
Derek Hough Updates on Hayley Erbert's Post-Surgery Recovery
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Derek Hough, renowned judge of the hit TV show 'Dancing With the Stars,' recently opened up about the remarkable resilience of his wife, Hayley Erbert, following a critical emergency surgery. Erbert, a skilled dancer herself, underwent a complex procedure to remove part of her skull due to a sudden burst blood vessel.

This medical emergency has put her on a challenging path to recovery. On December 8, in an emotional Instagram post, Hough expressed his awe at Erbert's unwavering strength and determination during this harrowing time. He shared, "Hayley has always been an inspiration with her formidable will and resilience, and these past 48 hours have only amplified that." Hough's heartfelt message resonated with fans, as he extended gratitude for the overwhelming support and love the couple has received during this trying period.

Gratitude and Support

The 38-year-old star emphasized the importance of the supportive messages, saying, "The kindness we've experienced in these life-altering moments is beyond measure." He expressed his appreciation for the numerous offers of help for 29-year-old Erbert, finding them both humbling and greatly appreciated.

Hough voiced a desire for their family to 'pay it forward' in response to the generosity they've encountered. Erbert's health scare occurred shortly after the couple's December 6 performance on their 'Symphony of Dance' tour in Washington, D.C., where she appeared disoriented.

An emergency hospital visit led to the diagnosis of a cranial hematoma, resulting in an urgent craniectomy to alleviate brain pressure. Following the surgery, Hough confirmed Erbert's stable condition. Amidst this crisis, Hough's sister, Julianne Hough, also a prominent figure in 'Dancing With the Stars,' reached out via Instagram to request prayers and positive energy for Erbert and her family.

The couple's journey began in 2014 during Hough and his sister's tour, where Erbert's talent caught the eye of a 'Dancing With the Stars' producer. This led to her joining the show's troupe the following year, as reported by the Hutchington News.

Their relationship blossomed from professional to personal, and they began appearing together at public events, including the 2016 premiere of Tony Robbins' Netflix documentary 'I Am Not Your Guru'