Keanu Reeves Disarmed by Ski-Mask Burglars


Keanu Reeves Disarmed by Ski-Mask Burglars
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In a startling incident, the renowned actor Keanu Reeves' residence in Los Angeles fell prey to a burglary on Wednesday night. The actor, famed for his roles in blockbuster films like "The Matrix" and "John Wick," experienced a home invasion, marking another security breach following two similar incidents in 2014.

Law enforcement sources report that unidentified individuals wearing ski masks forcibly entered Keanu Reeves' home. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was alerted to a possible trespasser at approximately 7:00 p.m. Upon arrival, officers thoroughly searched but found no signs of an intrusion.

However, the situation escalated around 1:00 a.m. when the police received a report of an activated alarm at the actor's property. Surveillance footage revealed several individuals, their identities concealed by ski masks, breaking in through a window and entering the premises.

Burglars Steal Keanu Reeves' Firearm

The burglars swiftly vacated the area, but not before allegedly absconding with a singular firearm, which is reported to be the only weapon Reeves owned. The extent of additional items stolen during the incident remains unclear.

Notably, Keanu Reeves was not at home during the break-in, averting a confrontation. Authorities are scrutinizing video footage from inside the home and the surrounding neighborhood to gather more evidence. Investigations are also probing whether the initial police call was potentially linked to the burglars, possibly by someone surveilling the property.

The security of Reeves' residence has been under scrutiny since 2014 when it faced two consecutive burglaries, leading to enhanced security measures. Earlier this year, the actor had also secured a temporary restraining order against an alleged stalker who reportedly appeared at his home.

The LAPD continues investigating this recent breach, aiming to identify and apprehend the perpetrators. This incident has raised concerns about the safety of high-profile celebrities in their private residences, highlighting the ongoing challenges in ensuring their security amidst rising incidents of celebrity-targeted crimes.

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