Prince Harry Faces Legal Setback Against Daily Mail Publisher

Royal Legal Battle Takes Unexpected Turn in High Court.

by Nouman Rasool
Prince Harry Faces Legal Setback Against Daily Mail Publisher
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In a significant legal development, Prince Harry's attempt to dismiss the defence presented by the Daily Mail publisher, Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), in response to his libel claim, has been denied by the High Court.

The Duke of Sussex initiated a lawsuit against ANL, alleging that the media outlet had "attacked his honesty and integrity" by publishing an article related to his court battle against the Home Office in February 2022. In his court filings, Prince Harry asserted that the article constituted an assault on his character, specifically targeting his honesty and integrity.

ANL, in response, countered these claims by arguing that the article merely expressed an "honest opinion" and had not caused any substantial harm to the Duke's reputation. Prince Harry sought the High Court's intervention to either dismiss ANL's defence or grant a judgment in his favor.

However, Mr. Justice Nicklin, in a written statement, ruled against "striking out" ANL's defence. Justice Nicklin stated, "Overall, it is not unreasonable to consider that the defendant may achieve success at trial in demonstrating that the public statements made on behalf of the claimant were an attempt to portray his judicial review claim as a noble battle against the Government's decision to deny him the option to fund his own security."

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He further explained, "There is a genuine possibility that the defendant will succeed in proving that this description of the issues in the judicial review claim was misleading.

This portrayal may have been promoted with the aim of casting the claimant's judicial review claim in a positive light, whereas presenting it as an attempt to compel the Government to reinstate his taxpayer-funded state security risked portraying him in a negative manner." This legal setback follows Prince Harry's recent trial concerning the Home Office's decision to withdraw security provisions for him and his family during their visits to the UK.

The decision to revoke security services was made by the RAVEC committee within the royal household, following Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle's, decision to step back from their roles within the Royal Family in 2020.

This High Court ruling marks a significant chapter in Prince Harry's ongoing legal battles against media outlets, highlighting the complexities of balancing freedom of expression with the protection of personal reputation in the public eye.

As this case progresses, it continues to draw considerable attention both in the legal arena and the court of public opinion.

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