Monica Bellucci's daughter reveals how her mother influenced her career


Monica Bellucci's daughter reveals how her mother influenced her career
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Deva Cassel, daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, has quickly made her mark in the fashion world. She's been on magazine covers, walked runways for big brands like Dolce&Gabbana and Jacquemus, and started her modeling career at just 15.

She's even become an ambassador for Cartier, starred in the Italian film 'La Belle Époque,' and landed a Netflix series called 'The Leopard.' Even with her parents' successful careers and the advice they've shared, Deva is focused on carving her own path.

She values the lessons they taught her; to look forward, take care of herself, be kind, and stay curious. While she's influenced by her mother's style, she's determined to create her unique journey in the fashion world. Deva's passionate about the industry and wants to make her own mark, separate from her parents' fame.

Deva Cassel: My experience will be different

Although many often suggested that she should start acting and dedicate herself to it, Monica Bellucci's daughter has completely different plans. She believes that it is necessary to live life the way we want.

Her parents were a huge support to her from the earliest days. They have always sought to understand what her preferences are. "I don't do acting because of my parents. My experience will be different, and it should be. I don't have to look or be as good as anyone else to be able to do something I enjoy."- she said.

Her mother was the main inspiration for her to start modeling. "I remember flipping through my mom's huge fashion books that she kept in the house for as long as I could remember. Everything was so well-kept and beautiful. I knew I wanted to work in that industry at some point in my life, but I definitely didn't expect to love it this much and make a living from it”.

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