Peter Sarsgaard: Chastain is Generous and Kind

Exploring Unique Dynamics Behind the Scenes of 'Memory'

by Zain ul Abedin
Peter Sarsgaard: Chastain is Generous and Kind
© JC Olivera/Getty Images

In a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter, esteemed actor Peter Sarsgaard spoke about his surprising yet profound connection with Jessica Chastain, his co-star in the upcoming movie "Memory." Set for a theatrical release this December, the film has been a platform for the two actors to form an unexpected bond, transcending their on-screen roles.

Initially, Sarsgaard described their interaction as echoing the contentious relationship of their characters in "Memory." Yet, as the filming concluded, their dynamic evolved unforeseen. Reflecting on their journey, Sarsgaard shared, "Our interaction was rooted in honesty.

We barely mingled beyond the confines of rehearsal and shooting. The day we wrapped up filming was uniquely memorable – it was probably the most unconventional farewell I've ever had with a fellow actor." As Sarsgaard recalls, this distinct farewell occurred on a New York subway platform.

Following the end of their final scene, standing 15 feet apart, they exchanged a simple wave, marking the end of their filming with an understated yet poignant gesture.

Deepening On-Set Bond

Sarsgaard attributes this unique connection to the intensity of their collaborative experience on set, emphasizing how Chastain's dedication to her role further accentuated the contrast with her real personality.

He remarked, "Jessica is the antithesis of the character she portrays. She embodies generosity, kindness, and a wonderful sense of humor." Their bond continued to deepen as they embarked on promoting "Memory." The recent SAG-AFTRA strike and the resultant waivers allowed them to engage more intimately with the media and their audience, further strengthening their camaraderie.

Admiration is a word Sarsgaard frequently used when discussing Chastain. He extolled her relentless work ethic and her passionate commitment to social causes. Her ability to juggle roles as an actor, producer, and advocate for change has left a lasting impression on him.

"Jessica is truly a force of nature. I consider myself fortunate to have her as a part of my life," he concluded, reflecting on their unique rapport through their artistic collaboration in "Memory."