Prince Harry's Lawyer Addresses Duke's Security Concerns

Royal Family's Safety Protocols Under Legal Scrutiny

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry's Lawyer Addresses Duke's Security Concerns
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Prince Harry, born into a world of intense public scrutiny, faces ongoing security threats, a concern highlighted by his legal counsel in a recent statement. The Duke of Suss*x, who lost his taxpayer-funded protection following his decision to step back from his senior royal duties, is now at the center of a high-profile legal battle against the UK's Home Office over this very issue.

Shaheed Fatima KC, representing Prince Harry, emphasized the gravity of the situation during Tuesday's opening of the High Court challenge. She articulated that the case revolves around the fundamental right to safety and security, which she deemed paramount.

As the son of His Majesty The King, Prince Harry is inherently exposed to specific risks and threats due to his birth and ongoing royal status, she argued.

Security Debate Intensifies

The lawyer further elaborated that Prince Harry's stance has consistently favored reinstating state security during his visits to the UK in light of the assessed threats.

This point underscores the complexity of his situation, being a prominent member of the royal family and yet not actively participating in its official duties. Furthermore, Fatima stressed that Prince Harry, as King Charles's younger son, should logically be within the purview of Ravec – the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures.

She pointed out that the February 2020 decision by Ravec effectively limits their consideration of protective security for Prince Harry to his visits to the UK only. The Duke of Suss*x, now residing in Montecito with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their family, has expressed concerns about bringing his family to Britain.

He asserts that private security does not offer the same level of protection, intelligence, and authority as state-provided police protection. This week, the London High Court will delve into the intricacies of the February 2020 decision by Ravec.

The outcome of this case could set a significant precedent for the security protocols concerning members of the royal family who have chosen a life outside their traditional roles. Prince Harry's quest for the security he believes is essential for his family's safety continues to capture global attention, raising questions about the responsibilities and protections owed to those born into the royal spotlight.

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