Sebastian Stan as a Young Donald Trump in 'The Apprentice'

Film Illuminates Trump's Early Business Ventures

by Zain ul Abedin
Sebastian Stan as a Young Donald Trump in 'The Apprentice'
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"The Apprentice," an eagerly anticipated biopic, delves into the rise of Donald Trump as a real estate tycoon during the '70s and '80s. This cinematic venture, not to be confused with his later reality TV fame, is creating a buzz for its detailed portrayal of Trump's early business career.

The film's release date remains under wraps, adding to the anticipation. Recently, Deadline revealed that Sebastian Stan, the 41-year-old actor renowned for his role as the Winter Soldier, is set to embody the young Donald Trump.

Stan's transformation for the role has been a topic of intrigue, with recent on-set photos showcasing his remarkable likeness to Trump, complete with a strawberry blonde wig. The film's production, which kicked off last month, has already offered glimpses of Stan's portrayal.

Photographs from Page Six captured Stan, clad in Trump's iconic black wool coat and blue suit with a paisley-striped tie, on a snowy New York City set. One compelling scene depicted him as a contemplative Trump, alone on a park bench, eating a sandwich and sipping Coca-Cola.

Star-Studded Cast Revealed

"The Apprentice" was first announced in 2018, and in October 2023, Ali Abbasi was confirmed as the director and co-writer. He collaborates with Gabriel Sherman to script this exploration of Trump's formative years in the cutthroat world of New York real estate.

Adding to the star power, Jeremy Strong of "Succession" fame will portray attorney Roy Cohn, while Maria Bakalova is cast as Ivana Trump, Donald Trump's first wife. The ensemble promises a dynamic and nuanced portrayal of this period in Trump's life.

As anticipation builds, the film industry and audiences alike are keen to learn when "The Apprentice" will hit the screens. Its depiction of Trump's early career, combined with Stan's transformation and a stellar supporting cast, positions it as a potential cinematic highlight. Keep an eye out for further updates on this intriguing project.

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