Liam Payne addresses his condition following hospitalization and shares new plans


Liam Payne addresses his condition following hospitalization and shares new plans
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Liam Payne has delighted his fans after confirming he is returning to the 'big stage' Payne has been out of the public eye for a long time. Primarily, Payne spent some time in a wellness clinic after struggling with alcohol addiction.

In addition, he had to cancel the tour in September due to a kidney infection. In a message he sent to his fans, Payne expressed his gratitude for the support that has been going on for a long time. He emphasized that he is currently feeling much better.

This can please his fans who have been worried about him for a long time. 'Hey everyone. Just wanted to send an email checking in and saying hi – it’s been a while! I’ve been travelling a lot and feeling in a much better state health-wise.

I really needed the break. ’- he wrote, as quoted by METRO!
Liam has big plans that he didn't want to talk about much. Fans believe that Payne will soon present his projects. ‘There’s so much I can’t talk about right now that’s coming up but you’ll all find out soon enough.’

The Sun source on Liam Payne's plans

A source informed The Sun that Payne was filming a music video in Ireland.

‘Liam flew to Ireland in October to film the video, but while fans saw him out and about he managed to keep the shoot under wraps.' Although the music video was supposed to be released in December, fans will have to be patient and wait a while.

‘Initially, the release was for the end of 2023 but with Liam being admitted to hospital in September the timeline has been pushed back.’ Payne obviously wants to enter the New Year with a different attitude.

‘He’s now doing great and the plan is to drop the comeback single in the first few months of 2024. After a lot of searching, he’s finally found his sound.’

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