Vanessa Hudgens' Beachside Wedding Whispers

Actress Vanessa Hudgens sparks speculation with recent beach attire.

by Nouman Rasool
Vanessa Hudgens' Beachside Wedding Whispers
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Amid swirling rumors of a secret wedding, Vanessa Hudgens, the 34-year-old actress, has been spotted in a photograph that has fans buzzing with excitement. The image, which emerged on X (formerly known as Twitter) this weekend, captures Hudgens on a beach, barefoot and donning a simple white dress, a classic symbol often associated with bridal attire.

Adding to the speculation, Monique Coleman, Hudgens' co-star from the famed "High School Musical" series, shared a video on Instagram featuring a tropical scene in Tulum, Mexico. This idyllic locale is reportedly where Hudgens and her fiancé, 27-year-old professional baseball player Cole Tucker, are believed to have celebrated their nuptials.

Coleman's post, captioned "Last morning in paradise," only heightened the whispers of a wedding celebration. Hudgens and Tucker's engagement was publicly announced on February 9 through a joint Instagram post, accompanied by a heartfelt message, "YES.

We couldn't be happier." The post included a romantic photo of the couple near the Seine in Paris and a close-up of Hudgens' oval-shaped diamond ring. The "Downtown Owl" star, in a conversation with PEOPLE, admitted that Tucker's proposal was a total surprise, leaving her teary-eyed and overjoyed.

Their relationship, a blend of Hollywood and sports, began in a unique fashion. The couple first connected during a group meditation session over Zoom, where Hudgens immediately took notice of Tucker. She later recounted on "The Drew Barrymore Show" how she initiated contact, sliding into his DMs post-meeting.

Hudgens-Tucker Wedding Buzz

Wedding planning, however, seemed to be a daunting task for Hudgens, as she revealed earlier this year on Barrymore's show. Finding the perfect venue appeared to be the main challenge, leading her to consider eloping.

Meanwhile, Tucker seemed more laid-back about the arrangements, focusing primarily on his impending marriage to Hudgens. The couple's love story has been a topic of interest since its inception, especially after Hudgens declared Tucker as "the one" shortly after they started dating.

She shared this sentiment during an appearance on "Today with Hoda & Jenna" in March, expressing the security and joy she feels in her relationship. Despite the ongoing curiosity and rumors about their marital status, representatives for Hudgens have yet to comment on the matter.

As fans eagerly await confirmation, the beachside photo and Coleman's tropical video post continue to fuel speculations about a secret Hudgens-Tucker wedding.