George Santos Expelled: The Process for Choosing His Successor

Congressman's Expulsion Triggers Unconventional Succession Process

by Zain ul Abedin
George Santos Expelled: The Process for Choosing His Successor
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In a significant development in New York's political landscape, Representative George Santos, a Republican from the state's 3rd Congressional District, has been expelled from Congress amid a storm of ethical controversies and accusations of misconduct.

Despite Santos's persistent defense and dismissal of a damning congressional investigative report as a "smear campaign," the bipartisan vote for his removal has effectively diminished the House's membership to 434. The focus now shifts to the impending appointment of Santos's successor, with a special election poised to decide the fate of this pivotal seat.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, is set to announce this election within ten days following Santos's departure, as mandated by state law. "The residents of Long Island are entitled to effective representation, and I am ready to oversee the process to ensure their 3rd District seat is filled," Hochul stated in response to the expulsion.

This election is expected to occur between 70 to 80 days after its announcement. In this interim, the governor does not possess the authority to appoint a temporary representative. This vacancy further narrows the already slim Republican majority in the House.

Internal Nomination Battle

Contrary to the usual practice of party primaries, the procedure for selecting candidates for this special election deviates significantly. Local party leaders, rather than the electorate, will internally nominate candidates for their respective parties, as New York's election regulations outline.

This process is anticipated to spark intense competition among Republicans, especially within Santos's circle. Key Democratic figures in Nassau County have revealed several potential candidates, including ex-Representative Tom Suozzi, 2022 nominee Robert Zimmerman, and former state Senator Anna Kaplan.

Notably, Suozzi and Kaplan have initiated their bids for the 2024 primary for this seat. The selection process will be a joint effort between Nassau and Queens Democrats, given the district's span across these areas. Nassau County GOP Chair Joe Cairo has expressed the party's commitment to identifying the most suitable candidate, noting the involvement of approximately 20 prospects to date.

As the district predominantly lies within Nassau County, the county's chapters of both major parties will be crucial in determining their nominees. This development promises to be a pivotal moment in New York's political arena, with the outcome of the special election eagerly anticipated.

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