Meghan Markle's Hollywood Profile Push


Meghan Markle's Hollywood Profile Push
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In a recent revelation from Omid Scobie's latest book, "Endgame", an intriguing detail has surfaced about Meghan Markle's efforts to boost her presence in Hollywood before her high-profile relationship with Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex, best known then for her role in the TV series "Suits", reportedly visited the offices of US Weekly accompanied by her publicist, a move seen as an early attempt to elevate her celebrity status.

This strategic visit, taking place a year before her romance with Prince Harry hit the headlines, was aimed at exploring potential opportunities with the popular magazine. At the time, although Markle was a regular face on "Suits", she hadn't yet reached the zenith of celebrity fame.

This behind-the-scenes effort is now viewed as a pivotal step in her journey towards becoming a household name. Scobie, a former employee of US Weekly, shared these insights on the James O’Brien podcast "Full Disclosure." Reflecting on the days when news of Markle's relationship with Prince Harry first surfaced in 2016, he noted, "Suits was a huge thing for our magazine, and interestingly, a year or two earlier, Meghan's agent or publicist had brought her in to just meet editors and see if there was something to do." He further explained that while Meghan wasn't yet among the elite circle of top-tier celebrities, she was certainly on their radar.

Scobie's personal connection to this early interaction gave him a unique edge in covering the unfolding story of Meghan's romance and subsequent royal journey.

Strategic Media Moves

The Duchess’s decision to meet with the magazine’s team is now perceived as a savvy move, laying the groundwork for the media relationships she would later need.

Scobie, who has British-Persian heritage, remarked on his role in providing a distinct perspective on Meghan's entry into the British monarchy, noting that his background positioned him as a "safe face" in the media landscape.

This account offers a fascinating glimpse into the strategic planning behind Meghan Markle's rise to international fame, underscoring the thought and effort celebrities often invest in managing their public image and media relationships.

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