Tom Hanks Discusses Career's 'Stupid' Incident

Tom Hanks Recalls Memorable Incident from Iconic Film

by Zain ul Abedin
Tom Hanks Discusses Career's 'Stupid' Incident
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In a candid revelation on The Graham Norton Show, celebrated actor Tom Hanks shared an amusing yet humbling experience from his illustrious acting career. The episode, aired on Friday, saw Hanks delve into a memorable moment from the filming of Ron Howard's acclaimed space drama, Apollo 13, released in 1995.

Apollo 13, known for its gripping portrayal of NASA's ill-fated lunar mission, featured a now-iconic line delivered by Hanks, who played astronaut Jim Lovell. However, during the reenactment of this critical scene, Hanks faced an unexpectedly embarrassing situation.

The actor and co-stars Kevin Bacon and Bill Paxton were simulating zero-gravity conditions, a technical feat achieved with the help of grips. "We were going up and down, making us look weightless, and at that moment, we had an extraordinary visitor on set – Jim Lovell himself," Hanks recounted to a captivated Norton audience.

Hanks Shares Comical Insight

The Saving Private Ryan star described the scene as surreal and somewhat comical. "Here we were, trying to authentically portray these astronauts, and I catch a glimpse of the real Lovell watching us," Hanks said.

"In that instant, I've never felt more stupid in my life." His recounting of the incident brought a mix of laughter and empathy from the show's audience and host. Besides reminiscing about his Apollo 13 days, Hanks also discussed his latest project, The Moonwalkers.

This innovative installation, a collaboration with renowned artist David Hockney, showcases Hanks' versatility as he co-wrote the production with Christopher Riley and lent his voice as the narrator. The Moonwalkers aims to provide an immersive experience into the awe-inspiring journey of lunar exploration.

Tom Hanks' appearance on The Graham Norton Show not only offered a glimpse into the lighter side of Hollywood filmmaking but also highlighted the actor's ongoing passion for projects that blend art, history, and technology.

His anecdote from the Apollo 13 set serves as a reminder of the often-unseen, humorous realities behind some of cinema's most significant moments.

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