Brad Pitt Alleges Jolie's Influence on Pax's Post


Brad Pitt Alleges Jolie's Influence on Pax's Post
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In the latest twist to their high-profile and tumultuous post-divorce saga, Brad Pitt has raised serious allegations against his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, suggesting her involvement in their son Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt's derogatory social media post about him.

The incident in question dates back to Father's Day 2020, when Pax reportedly took to social media to label his father a "world-class a**hole" and condemning him as "terrible and despicable." This accusation has stirred up the ongoing narrative surrounding Pitt and Jolie's strained relationship post-divorce.

An insider, reportedly close to Brad Pitt, told In Touch Weekly that Pax's harsh words deeply wounded Pitt, describing the emotional impact as 'cutting him to the bone.' This personal upset for Pitt is set against the backdrop of an already complex legal battle over the custody of their children and the rights to Château Miraval, a vineyard that has become a symbol of the discord between the former couple, and a point of contention involving millions of dollars in legal fees.

Pitt's Rising Suspicions

The source sheds light on the severity of the situation, stating, "This ordeal has been dragging on for years. Angelina seems hell-bent on upending Brad, focusing on undermining the winery he has invested so much in." Observers note that the prolonged legal and personal battles have visibly taken their toll on Pitt emotionally and financially.

Adding to this strained situation is Pitt's growing suspicion that Jolie was complicit in Pax's negative post. According to the insider, Pitt believes Jolie not only knew about the post but possibly encouraged it as part of a broader strategy to turn their children against him.

This tactic, the source implies, has already shown its effects on the couple's older children. "Brad is acutely aware of Angelina's manipulative tactics," the source adds, highlighting Pitt's concerns over Jolie's alleged influence on their children's attitudes towards him.

These latest allegations add another layer to the ongoing narrative of Pitt and Jolie's post-divorce relationship, characterized by its public nature and the ongoing legal and custody disputes. The spotlight remains firmly fixed on how these developments will affect the dynamics within this high-profile family, with public and media attention continuing to follow every turn in their post-divorce journey.

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