Joe Biden's Position on Abortion Rights in the US

Exploring President Biden's nuanced stance on abortion regulations.

by Nouman Rasool
Joe Biden's Position on Abortion Rights in the US
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In the wake of the Supreme Court's landmark decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the topic of abortion rights has catapulted to the forefront of national discourse in the United States. Amidst this contentious climate, President Joe Biden's stance on the issue has garnered significant attention.

In a candid revelation during a fundraiser in Chevy Chase, Maryland, on June 27, 2023, President Biden, a practicing Catholic known for his nuanced views, expressed his position on this polarizing issue. While addressing a gathering of approximately one hundred donors, Biden articulated his perspective, as reported by The Hill.

"I’m a practicing Catholic. I’m not big on abortion, but guess what? Roe vs. Wade got it right," he stated, delineating his personal discomfort yet political alignment with the now-overturned ruling. According to coverage by CBS News, President Biden elaborated on his beliefs regarding the regulation of abortion.

He argued that during the first trimester, the decision should rest solely between a woman and her family. This stance underscores the president's belief in the sanctity of personal choice in the early stages of pregnancy.

Biden on Pregnancy Stages

Biden's comments further clarified his views on the matter, emphasizing a differentiated approach based on pregnancy stages.

"Next three months is between a woman and her doctor. The last three months have to be negotiated," he explained, acknowledging the complexities involved in late-term abortions. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court's decision, which led to stringent abortion restrictions or outright bans in 20 states, Biden has been vocally critical of these developments.

Despite his personal reservations about abortion, his political position remains firmly rooted in the Democratic ethos of upholding reproductive rights. Chris Carney, a Biden ally, shed light on the president's internal conflict, acknowledging the challenge his faith presents in navigating this issue.

"It’s personal to all practicing Catholics and it’s difficult," Carney noted, emphasizing the president's ongoing struggle with the matter. In a tangible demonstration of his commitment, President Biden signed Executive Order 14076 in July 2022.

This pivotal action was aimed at safeguarding access to abortion pills, contraception, and ensuring continued medical care for women nationwide. The White House released a statement affirming Biden's dedication to restoring Roe's protections as federal law, highlighting his resolve to use his executive powers to defend reproductive rights until legislative action is possible.

Biden's administration has been actively working to uphold access to medical care and abortion services through various executive orders. Politically, Biden's stance, as outlined on Wikipedia, is clear: he supports codifying the right to abortion and stands in opposition to the Supreme Court's ruling in Dobbs v.

Jackson Women's Health Organization. This position cements his administration's commitment to upholding reproductive rights in the United States.

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