Elon Musk contemplated suicide at the age of 12


Elon Musk contemplated suicide at the age of 12
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Many believe that famous people had wonderful childhoods and that their lives are filled with happiness. However, this is not the reality in many cases. The best example is Elon Musk, who in a recent interview spoke openly about problems during his childhood.
Elon Musk revealed in a recent interview that when he was 12 years old, he went through an "existential crisis," contemplating the idea of ending his life.

Speaking at the 2023 DealBook Summit with the New York Times’ Aaron Ross Sorkin, Musk remembered questioning life's purpose. Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" changed his world view. At that moment, Musk wanted to understand the meaning of his life.

He directed his life towards that goal. "My motivation then was, well, my life is really finite … but if we can expand the scope and scale of consciousness then we are better able to figure out what questions to ask about the answer that is the universe and maybe we can find out what is the meaning of life.

I think to some degree I was born this way, but it was amplified by a difficult childhood, frankly,” he said, as quoted by pagesix.com!

Maye Musk's story

Maye Musk, his mother, spoke openly three years ago about the problems she had in her marriage with Elon's father.

It is obvious that this had a huge impact on Elon as well. “I got married to a person who was aggressive, and then he said he would change when we got married, and he got worse,” she told us, while promoting her book, “A Woman Makes a Plan: Advice for a Lifetime of Adventure, Beauty, and Success.

When my husband was actually going to beat me up at a social event, my friends took me to my mom’s home, and she didn’t know that I was getting beaten up”.

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