Trump Initiates Assault on Judge's Spouse


Trump Initiates Assault on Judge's Spouse
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In recent developments, former U.S. President Donald Trump has intensified his criticisms against Judge Arthur Engoron's wife, who presides over his civil fraud case in New York. This escalation has sparked discussions about reinstating a gag order on Trump.

Trump, using his platform on Truth Social, has repeatedly disparaged Judge Engoron's spouse, Dawn Engoron, whom he accuses of harboring animosity towards him. He also targeted the judge's court staff, including a fine for previous public attacks during the ongoing New York case.

The case alleges Trump's involvement in issuing fraudulent financial statements to inflate the value of his properties. A significant point of contention involves allegations by Trump that Dawn Engoron operated an anonymous account on X (formerly Twitter), known for its anti-Trump rhetoric.

Despite Dawn Engoron's denial and assertion of her absence from Twitter, Trump persists with these claims.

Trump's Alleged Bias Claims

Moreover, Trump's criticisms have extended to Alison Greenfield, Judge Engoron's law clerk, branding her as biased.

These attacks led to fines and were in violation of a previously imposed gag order, which was briefly lifted by a New York appeals court considering Trump's First Amendment rights, particularly in light of his potential White House bid.

Trump's social media posts paint a narrative of bias and misconduct, alleging that both Dawn Engoron and Greenfield are orchestrating what he labels a "witch hunt" against him, his family, and the Republican Party. He decries this as a major embarrassment to the New York State Judicial System, especially amidst rising crime rates.

The discourse escalated as Trump shared screenshots from the @dm_sminxs account, including derogatory images and captions aimed at him. Despite facing 91 criminal charges across four investigations, Trump maintains his innocence and criticizes the trial's proceedings.

Gag Order Debate Intensifies

In a recent court filing, Trump's legal team argued against the gag order's reinstatement, claiming it infringes on constitutional rights and shields judicial figures from necessary public scrutiny.

Conversely, New York Attorney General Letitia James' office has advocated for the gag order's renewal. Supporting this, an affidavit from Charles Hollon of the Public Safety Department's Judicial Threats Assessment Unit highlighted an alarming increase in threats and harassment directed at Judge Engoron and his staff following the gag order's temporary lift.

These included numerous antisemitic messages, mainly targeting Greenfield. This situation underscores the delicate balance between freedom of expression and the integrity of the judicial process, with ongoing debates about the appropriate boundaries of public commentary in high-profile legal cases.