Kylie Kelce Applauds Bradley Cooper's Oscar Snub

Bradley Cooper's Surprising Sports Passion Ignites Online Buzz

by Zain ul Abedin
Kylie Kelce Applauds Bradley Cooper's Oscar Snub
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In a recent episode of "The Howard Stern Show," Hollywood A-lister Bradley Cooper made headlines not for his cinematic achievements but for his unabashed loyalty to the Philadelphia Eagles. The actor, famed for his versatility and charm, chose an Eagles Super Bowl victory over a potential Oscar sweep for his film "Maestro" in the 2024 Academy Awards.

This candid confession came during a spirited exchange with show host Howard Stern. Stern, known for his probing interviews, presented Cooper with a hypothetical yet intriguing choice: a triumphant haul at the Oscars for "Maestro," including Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Actress, or a Lombardi Trophy win for his beloved Eagles.

Despite the speculative nature of the scenario, Cooper's response was both swift and unequivocal.

Eagles Over Oscars

"I know I'm sick," Cooper joked, maintaining his composure as he unequivocally chose the Eagles' victory.

This admission sparked a wave of reactions among Eagles fans and movie buffs, highlighting the actor's deep-rooted affinity for his hometown team. Adding a delightful twist to this tale of sports over cinema, Kylie Kelce, wife of Jason Kelce of the Eagles, chimed in with her endorsement of Cooper's choice.

Her comment came in response to a video posted on the official NFL TikTok account featuring Cooper's confession. "Without hesitation," she affirmed, aligning herself with the actor's priorities and igniting the buzz around this unusual yet heartfelt preference.

Kylie Backs Cooper's Choice

Kylie's support, nestled among numerous "go birds" comments, wasn't lost on the social media community. It sparked suggestions of Cooper appearing as a guest on the "New Heights" podcast, hosted by Jason and Travis Kelce.

Fans reveled in this display of Philadelphia pride, with one user summing up the sentiment: "Tell me you’re a Philly fan without telling me. Love it." This unique blend of Hollywood glamour and sports allegiance underscores Cooper's authentic connection to his roots, resonating with fans and celebrities alike.

His choice, far from the glitz of the Oscars, celebrates the raw passion and communal spirit embodied in sports fandom, particularly in a city as spirited as Philadelphia.

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