Alicia Keys Unveils Her Secrets to Aging Beautifully!


Alicia Keys Unveils Her Secrets to Aging Beautifully!
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Alicia Keys, the renowned musician, opened up about her journey of self-discovery and acceptance, particularly about getting older, in a recent interview with The Cut. Her reflections offer insights into the world of celebrity, where aging is often seen differently.

Growing Older with Grace and Knowledge

At 42, Alicia Keys has reached a place of peace with aging, something not always easy in the spotlight. She shared her appreciation for the wisdom and consciousness that come with age.

“I love getting smarter. I love being more conscious. I love being aware of what I think," Keys expressed. Her comfort in her own skin and assurance in her personal knowledge marks a significant departure from the industry's often youth-centric narrative.

Keys also touched on the idea that beauty deepens with age. She believes that as one grows older, the heart opens more, and a stronger quality emerges. This perspective challenges the conventional view of beauty and aging, particularly in the entertainment industry.

Breaking Free from Conventional Beauty Standards

Keys' journey in the music industry, which began at a young age, has been one of self-expression and discovery. She recounted how she initially felt the need to armor herself with makeup, fancy clothes, and styled hair to feel beautiful and worthy.

However, a moment of realization in 2016 led her to go makeup-free, a decision that made headlines and sparked discussions about beauty standards. This pivotal moment was about more than just shedding physical layers. It represented a deeper understanding of how societal standards of beauty had influenced her.

“I think it was just the awareness of how much we subscribed to social standards of beauty, and I didn’t really think of that before," Keys said. In her conversation with PEOPLE about her lifestyle beauty brand, Keys Soulcare, she highlighted that she reintroduced makeup into her life, but on her own terms.

“I get to determine what's beauty to me. Nobody gets to tell me what that is, and I can't tell anybody what that is either," she stated, emphasizing her newfound autonomy in defining beauty for herself. Alicia Keys' reflections on aging and beauty are a testament to her evolution as an artist and individual, standing as a beacon of authenticity in an industry often clouded by unrealistic beauty standards.

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