Barron Hilton Spills: Paris’ Baby Girl Brings Family Joy!


Barron Hilton Spills: Paris’ Baby Girl Brings Family Joy!
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The Hilton family is expanding with new bundles of joy, bringing excitement and surprises, as revealed in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE by Barron Hilton, at his mother Kathy Hilton's festive event.

Paris Hilton's Delightful Surprise

Barron Hilton shared his enthusiasm for his sister Paris, who recently welcomed her baby girl, London.

The event, which unfolded in Bel Air, California, caught the family off-guard with its unique announcement style. Barron recalls the moment they learned of the new arrival. “We're so happy for them,” Barron said. "They said that they were bringing a magician out and then there was this pink little bundle,” adding to the charm, Tessa Hilton, Barron’s wife, described it as quite the surprise.

Paris Hilton, who is known for her fashion sense and lifestyle, is living her dream of dressing up her little girl. Barron tells PEOPLE, “It's gonna be so cute,” showing his affection by gifting his niece some adorable clothes.

Paris and her husband Carter Reum are also parents to a 10-month-old son, Phoenix Barron, marking a new chapter in their lives.

The Growing Hilton Clan

The joy doesn't stop with Paris, as Barron and his wife Tessa are also expecting a new addition to their family in March.

Keeping the gender a secret, the couple is excited about their growing family. Married since 2018, they are already parents to daughter Milou Alizée, aged 3½, and son Caspian Barron, 14 months. Tessa Hilton humorously remarks to PEOPLE about being outnumbered soon, but confidently states, "But I feel like once you do two, then you can do three.

You just get used to it”. Reflecting on the importance of family, she shares how life feels incomplete without all members present, highlighting the growing love and cherished memories within the Hilton family. As the Hiltons prepare for these new arrivals, their lives are filled with anticipation and joy, marking another beautiful chapter in their family story.