Tom Nitti Elaborates on 'The Voice' Departure

Country Star Tom Nitti Shares Insightful Exit Statement

by Zain ul Abedin
Tom Nitti Elaborates on 'The Voice' Departure
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Renowned country singer Tom Nitti recently addressed his unexpected departure from the popular TV show, "The Voice," in a revealing and heartfelt statement. His exit, just before the highly anticipated Playoffs, sparked widespread curiosity and concern among fans and viewers.

Nitti, known for his captivating performances, broke his silence and shared the reasons behind his decision. In the latest episode of "The Voice," judge Reba McEntire hinted at Nitti's departure being due to "personal reasons." Following the broadcast, Nitti took to Instagram to share a touching post and a montage of cherished moments with his girlfriend Ashley Bryant and his family.

In his message, he expressed deep gratitude for his unwavering support from fans, friends, and family throughout his journey. Describing his decision to leave "The Voice" as challenging and clear-cut, Nitti emphasized his priority on his family, particularly his children.

"My kids will always come first," he stated, affirming his readiness to make the same choice if faced with similar circumstances.

Nitti's Grateful Farewell

Reflecting on his time on the show, Nitti acknowledged how "The Voice" enabled him to live out his wildest dreams, doing what he loves the most.

He expressed his gratitude for the summer "filled to the max" with incredible experiences, attributing this to his participation in the NBC show. In concluding his statement, the country music artist reassured his fans of his well-being and commitment to continue making music.

He shared his excitement for the future, focusing on creating new memories with his family, including his children, Rayleigh and Brently, and his "smokin' girlfriend." Nitti's optimistic outlook and dedication to his personal life and career have resonated with fans, as he pledges to move forward happier than ever.

Tom Nitti's candid revelation about his departure from "The Voice" sheds light on his priorities and underscores the balancing act many in the entertainment industry face. His story serves as a reminder of the importance of family and personal well-being amidst pursuing professional dreams.