Robert Irwin Emulates Steve Irwin in Tribute

Conservationist Robert Irwin honors his father's enduring legacy

by Zain ul Abedin
Robert Irwin Emulates Steve Irwin in Tribute
© Jono Searle/Getty Images

Robert Irwin, the only son of the late renowned wildlife expert Steve Irwin, has recently taken to social media to honor his father's legacy touchingly and creatively. On his Instagram page, the 19-year-old conservationist shared a series of posts that not only reminisced about his childhood but also paid homage to his father, Steve, who tragically passed away in 2006 due to a stingray incident.

In a bold move that echoes his father's adventurous spirit, Robert recreated a famous 2008 photograph of Steve Irwin. The original image, a testament to Steve's fearless nature, shows him feeding a massive crocodile with his bare hands.

Robert, following in his father's footsteps, replicated this iconic moment, showcasing his own bravery and dedication to wildlife conservation. Accompanying this striking image, Robert's Instagram post was aptly captioned “Like father, like son,” drawing a parallel between his and his father's daring endeavors.

Robert's Nostalgic Tributes

In another nostalgic post, Robert revisited a fond memory from his childhood at the Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. He shared a photo of himself trying to fit into a tree stump he had crawled into 15 years earlier.

The post, which showed a grown-up Robert humorously squeezing into the same stump, was captioned with a lighthearted note about the stump being "a bit less roomy these days," accompanied by a laughing emoji. This heartfelt tribute came shortly after Robert expressed his emotions over a significant milestone at the zoo, a project closely linked to his father.

He celebrated the successful breeding of Irwin's turtle, a rare freshwater species, at the zoo. This achievement was significant as Steve Irwin discovered the species during a crocodile-hunting expedition on the Burdekin River in Queensland in 1990.

The hatching of this turtle at the zoo marks a momentous occasion, as it's the first time this species has been bred in captivity since its discovery. Robert's actions and tributes keep his father's memory alive and reinforce the family's ongoing commitment to wildlife conservation.

His endeavors at the Australia Zoo and beyond continue to draw attention to critical environmental causes and celebrate the enduring legacy of Steve Irwin.