Bradley Cooper: Persuading Howard Stern for 'A Star is Born'

Exploring Unseen Facets of Hollywood Casting Decisions

by Zain ul Abedin
Bradley Cooper: Persuading Howard Stern for 'A Star is Born'
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In a recent revelation on "The Howard Stern Show," acclaimed actor Bradley Cooper shared insights into his nearly successful attempt to cast radio icon Howard Stern in his hit movie, "A Star Is Born." The conversation, which aired on Monday, shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics of Hollywood casting and the duo's rapport.

Cooper, known for his versatility in acting and directing, reminisced about approaching Stern for a significant role in the film. “I've told a select few people that you were offered a role in 'A Star Is Born,' and their reaction is always disbelief.

They can't fathom why you turned it down," Cooper expressed. He lauded the actor who eventually took the role, acknowledging his exceptional performance. Reflecting on Cooper's proposal, Stern humorously compared their potential on-screen brotherhood to the mismatched pair in the movie "Twins," jokingly casting himself as Danny DeVito to Cooper's Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This light-hearted comparison underscored Stern's surprise at being considered for the role.

Cooper's Flexible Casting

Delving deeper, Cooper revealed that the character was deliberately written with flexibility, allowing it to be tailored to the strengths of the chosen actor.

He recounted Stern's contemplative response, “You asked for a couple of weeks to consider it, which gave me hope. You didn't dismiss the idea outright, which meant a lot to me,” Cooper shared, highlighting the thoughtful consideration Stern gave to the proposal.

The conversation took an amusing turn when Cooper brought up the possibility of Stern undergoing a physical transformation for the role, explicitly shaving his head, a notion that both entertained and intrigued Stern. Amidst their banter, Stern also mentioned a potential physical transformation for his involvement in Cooper's upcoming film, "Maestro." Cooper, with a hint of optimism, said, “I believe it's a matter of finding the perfect role that will finally get you to say 'yes.'

" As the dialogue concluded, attention was drawn to Cooper's latest project, "Maestro," which is currently showing in select theaters and is set for a Netflix release on December 20. This interview highlighted a missed collaboration and showcased the mutual respect and camaraderie between two renowned figures in the entertainment industry.

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