Robert De Niro Accuses Gotham Awards of Censoring His Anti-Trump Comments

Actor Robert De Niro stirs controversy at awards event.

by Nouman Rasool
Robert De Niro Accuses Gotham Awards of Censoring His Anti-Trump Comments
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Renowned actor Robert De Niro has sparked controversy by claiming that his speech at the prestigious Gotham Awards in New York was censored due to its critical content about former President Donald Trump. De Niro, a long-standing critic of Trump, was present at the ceremony to pay tribute to Martin Scorsese's latest film, "Killers of the Flower Moon," in which he stars.

The incident unfolded as De Niro took to the stage, initially to share remarks about the film. However, he soon revealed that the initial part of his speech had been omitted from the teleprompter without his prior knowledge.

Undeterred, De Niro proceeded to read the censored section from his phone. In this part, he expressed his concerns about the current state of historical truth and facts in America, citing disturbing trends in education and public discourse.

He specifically mentioned a controversial claim about slavery taught in Florida and referenced a historical statement by John Wayne regarding Native Americans.

De Niro Targets Trump

De Niro's speech took a more pointed turn as he addressed the issue of dishonesty in political leadership, directly targeting Trump.

He accused the former president of lying extensively during his tenure and continuing to do so. De Niro criticized Trump's character, condemning his attacks on vulnerable groups, his disregard for nature, and his disrespectful rhetoric.

In a bold move, De Niro refused to thank the film's backers, Apple, explicitly linking this decision to the alleged censorship of his speech. He expressed his outrage, questioning the audacity of the action taken against him.

Both Apple and the organizers of the Gotham Awards have been contacted for their responses to De Niro's allegations. De Niro's contentious relationship with Trump is well-documented. He has previously made headlines for his scathing remarks about Trump, including a pre-election video in 2016 where he labeled Trump as "blatantly stupid" and a "con." His disdain continued through the years, with statements expressing a desire to see Trump incarcerated and labeling him as "evil" and a "wannabe tough guy with no morals or ethics." This latest incident at the Gotham Awards adds another chapter to De Niro's ongoing public opposition to Trump, highlighting the actor's unwavering stance in his political beliefs and his readiness to confront censorship in defending his viewpoints.

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