New book by Omid Scobie criticizes Prince William's alleged actions


New book by Omid Scobie criticizes Prince William's alleged actions
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Today sees the release of a new book by British author Omid Scobie, often associated with Meghan Markle. In 'Endgame,' Scobie criticizes Prince William for allegedly prioritizing the monarchy over his brother and leaking information to discredit Harry and Meghan.

Despite no confirmation of another book targeting him, Prince William's friends have defended him, rejecting the claims made in 'Endgame' as false. They assert William's commitment to family privacy and deny collaboration with the media against his brother.

While claims of mistreatment persist, William's side disputes the book's portrayal, dismissing it as a conspiracy rather than fair criticism.

Omid Scobie: The book caused a mixed reaction

The book's release promises more revelations today, offering a deeper look into the royal dynamics.

Omid Scobie caused a large number of reactions considering that he decided to publish this book. Fans of the Royal Family believe that Scobie made a big mistake and caused the wrath of the whole world. On the other hand, Scobie is confident and thinks he made the right move.

In this book, he fiercely criticized Prince William and his moves. Scobie believes that his decisions and actions had a huge impact on creating a bad image of Harry around the world. People close to William are already angry at what is happening, and they believe that such a book has no basis or truth.

Writing negative things about the Royal Family is not acceptable according to them. "It is one thing to write criticism of the royal family. It is freedom of speech. But it's another thing to spread conspiracy theories masquerading as facts.

The assumption that royal associates were spreading negative stories about Harry and Meghan is completely fabricated. It simply didn't happen," claim people close to William. We will see what kind of reactions this book will cause only when certain details come out. Many interesting details are expected in the book that will shock everyone.

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