Trump's Impact: Dismissal and Underestimation in Leadership

Revealing Controversial Tactics in Political Maneuvering

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump's Impact: Dismissal and Underestimation in Leadership
© Sean Rayford/Getty Images

In a deepening political climate, concerns are mounting over former President Donald Trump's potential actions should he return to power in 2025. A recent report from "The Messenger" reveals insights from over 20 political figures, including Democrats, Republicans, and former Trump administration officials, shedding light on the gravity of the situation.

The central focus is the Heritage Foundation's Project 2025, which echoes Trump's previous endeavors to purge government ranks of non-supporters. Despite the alarming implications, many interviewed believe Trump's ambitions to imprison opponents and transform the government into a personal dominion are unlikely to materialize.

Questionable Legal Actions

A notable revelation in the report pertains to Trump's alleged intent to pardon those involved in the January 6 Capitol attacks. This promise aligns with past actions such as targeting former FBI officials James Comey and Andrew McCabe with invasive IRS audits, a move seen by some as retributive.

The legality of such actions is questionable. Under federal law, dictating IRS audits of specific individuals by executive branch members is illegal. This was highlighted when American Oversight sued the IRS in 2022 for documents related to the Comey and McCabe audits, though the outcomes remain undisclosed.

Michael Cohen, Trump's former attorney, also faced challenges with the Justice Department. Cohen, who penned a book about his experiences, was reportedly offered home confinement on the condition of silence about Trump, a demand he refused, resulting in a temporary jail return until a judge intervened.

Trump's Continued Political Impact

Trump's influence extended to congressional affairs, where he targeted GOP members like Reps. Tom Emmer, Liz Cheney, and Adam Kinzinger for their stance on election certification and the 2020 election investigation.

This has led to primary challenges from Trump-backed candidates, showcasing his ongoing influence within the party. "The Messenger" also highlights the potential for Trump to appoint fringe figures to key roles, bypassing Senate confirmation by using them in an "acting" capacity.

This strategy was previously employed during his presidency and remains a concern for the future. Despite Trump's history of threatening legal action against political opponents, such as Hillary Clinton, the report suggests a discrepancy between his public rhetoric and policy actions.

However, the concern remains about his influence over the Justice Department and the potential for misuse of power. As the nation anticipates Trump's next move, the report underscores the importance of safeguards and proactive measures to prevent any overreach of presidential power, ensuring the preservation of democratic norms and the rule of law.