Hypothetical World War 3: Speculation on Putin's Initial Targets

Russian Lawmaker's Controversial Views on Global Conflict Strategies

by Zain ul Abedin
Hypothetical World War 3: Speculation on Putin's Initial Targets
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In the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the world has witnessed a contained war. However, the specter of a larger, more devastating conflict looms, raising questions about Russia's potential priorities if it were to escalate the situation globally.

Russian lawmaker Andrey Gurulyov, a retired general who currently serves as a deputy in the Russian legislature, has made some startling claims about Russia's preparedness for what he calls a "big colossal war." During a recent appearance on the state-run channel Russia-1, Gurulyov shared his thoughts on what might be Vladimir Putin's targets in a new World War.

The speculation arises from concerns that such a conflict could be triggered by an escalation of a blockade on Kaliningrad, a Russian port enclave situated between NATO members Poland and Lithuania.

Strategic Military Concerns

The Suvalkovsky Corridor, an idea that experts have contemplated, aims to establish a connection between Kaliningrad and the rest of Russia.

However, Gurulyov argued that such a move could potentially trap Russian troops amidst enemy armies if NATO decided to block Kaliningrad. Gurulyov's proposed strategy in the event of a global conflict involves taking out the enemy's satellite system as a first step, regardless of whether the satellites belong to the United States or the United Kingdom.

He emphasized that Russia would view them all as part of NATO. The second step in his plan would be to comprehensively neutralize the enemy's anti-missile systems. Gurulyov asserted that the initial target in any conflict wouldn't be major European capitals like Paris, Warsaw, or Berlin.

Instead, he claimed, "The first hit would be London," citing the Anglo-Saxons as a perceived threat to global stability. He further suggested that Western Europe would be cut off from power supplies and rendered immobilized as part of an operation to destroy crucial sites.

Political Speculation and Sanctions

Gurulyov also speculated about the role of the United States in such a scenario, questioning how Washington, D.C., would manage to sustain European nations without access to food or power while avoiding direct conflict.

However, it's essential to note that Andrey Gurulyov is no longer an active military member despite his role as a deputy in the State Duma and his membership in the legislature's defense committee. Therefore, his statements should be considered with caution.

Nevertheless, his proximity to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his inner circle has led to sanctions from the United States, leaving many questions about the extent of his knowledge and intentions. As the world watches the evolving situation, these speculations highlight the need for diplomatic efforts to prevent any such catastrophic scenario from becoming a reality.