Sofia Vergara, 51, Shares Key Beauty Secrets for Ageless Charm

Sofia Vergara reflects on her skincare journey over time.

by Nouman Rasool
Sofia Vergara, 51, Shares Key Beauty Secrets for Ageless Charm
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Sofia Vergara, the acclaimed star of "Modern Family," has recently disclosed her unwavering commitment to two fundamental beauty practices that she attributes to her enduring youthful appearance. At 51, Vergara emphasizes the importance of removing makeup before bed and diligently protecting her face from the sun.

These habits, she confesses, have become an integral part of her daily routine, even leading to a noticeable contrast between her facial and body skin tones. In an interview with Glamour, Vergara shared, "There's a million [rules] I'm obsessed with.

My face always looks like a ghost compared to my much darker body because I'm so vigilant about sun protection for my face." This dedication to skincare has also inspired her to launch Toty, her own sun care line, aimed at encouraging others to incorporate SPF into their daily skincare regimen.

Sofia's Sun Regrets

Reflecting on her past, Vergara admits she wishes she had been more conscientious about sun protection in her younger years, especially during her time in sun-drenched Colombia. "Living in a place with year-long sun exposure, I didn't realize back in the '90s how crucial sunblock was for anti-aging.

I did a lot of damage back then," she revealed. Aside from sun care, Vergara also swears by Shu Uemura's haircare products, which have become indispensable in maintaining her hair's health amid the rigors of styling and coloring for her various acting roles.

"They've truly transformed my hair," Vergara stated. Despite occasional online speculation about plastic surgery, Vergara confidently addresses these rumors. "It's not surgery, it's aging! I do indulge in minor procedures like micro-needling, lasers for my rosacea, and regular Botox, but these are just little things that don't require downtime," she explained.

Vergara's ventures extend beyond beauty into fashion, where she has partnered with Walmart to create a clothing line tailored for Latina body shapes. Additionally, she is gearing up for a significant role as Griselda Blanco in the upcoming Netflix series "Griselda," a role that demands extensive hair and makeup preparation.

In her personal life, Vergara recently announced her separation from Joe Manganiello after seven years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. Despite this, she continues to thrive professionally, serving as a judge on "America's Got Talent" and enjoying Thanksgiving with famed "Eyebrow Queen" Anastasia Soare, founder of the Anastasia Beverly Hills beauty brand.

Her social media posts from the holiday festivities reflect her ongoing zest for life and connection with friends in the industry.

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