Stephen Colbert Mocks Fox News Host Thanksgiving Complaint

Colbert Tackles Inflation Claims with Signature Humor

by Nouman Rasool
Stephen Colbert Mocks Fox News Host Thanksgiving Complaint
© The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube

Stephen Colbert, the acclaimed host of "The Late Show," recently had a field day with Fox News' annual holiday grievances, mainly focusing on their Thanksgiving narratives. In a segment that has now gained notable traction, Colbert humorously dissected the claims made by Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz about the soaring cost of Thanksgiving turkeys under President Joe Biden's administration.

In his commentary, Chaffetz asserted that a turkey now costs a staggering $90 due to inflation. He further criticized the Biden administration, suggesting that the 32% increase in stamp prices over the past four years directly resulted from the President's policies.

Colbert, known for his sharp wit and satirical take on current affairs, didn't miss the opportunity to poke fun at these assertions.

Colbert Debunks Turkey Claim

In his characteristic style, Colbert sarcastically remarked, "That's right.

Thanks to Joe Biden's greed, buying a raw turkey, covering it in stamps, and sending it to a relative is even more expensive than ever. Thanks a lot, Joe." He expressed his skepticism about Chaffetz's claims, especially considering the average turkey price, which, according to the Department of Agriculture, is approximately $1.25 per pound.

Colbert humorously calculated that for Chaffetz's claim to hold, he must have purchased a 72-pound turkey. The segment took an even more amusing turn when Chaffetz, responding to his criticism earlier in the week, posted a photo of a $114 premium turkey, described as "thoughtfully raised on sustainable family farms." This move only fueled the fire, inviting further ridicule and commentary from various quarters.

Colbert's monologue, which adeptly combines humor with a critique of political and media narratives, has been a hit among viewers, adding another memorable moment to his repertoire of political satire. The segment highlights Colbert's unique ability to weave comedy with commentary and reflects the ongoing discourse around media representation and political rhetoric in the United States.