DiCaprio, Cooper's Rivalry Over Gigi Hadid?

Hollywood's Latest Gossip Wave Proves Unfounded

by Zain ul Abedin
DiCaprio, Cooper's Rivalry Over Gigi Hadid?
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In a recent swirl of rumors, Hollywood heavyweights Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper were said to be at odds over supermodel Gigi Hadid. This gossip, which has been making rounds in the entertainment industry, suggested a rivalry between the two stars.

However, a deeper investigation reveals that these claims may be a dramatic misinterpretation. Sources close to the situation, speaking to Radar Online, have shed light on the matter, emphasizing that the narrative of a feud is far from the truth.

Initially, it was speculated that DiCaprio, who has reportedly been in a casual relationship with Hadid for over a year, was irked by Cooper's apparent interest in the supermodel. The rumor mill churned out stories of DiCaprio feeling betrayed, believing Cooper violated the so-called 'bro code'

Feud Rumors Debunked

An insider revealed, "Leo's got his nose out of joint because Bradley never came to him and asked for his blessing to take Gigi out. It's completely ridiculous”. This statement painted a picture of a classic Hollywood drama, with DiCaprio seemingly upset over Cooper's actions.

“It's not like they were ever seeing each other exclusively, but the way Leo sees it, Bradley broke the bro code,” the source added, fueling the fire of this alleged dispute. However, recent updates from reliable sources have clarified the situation, dismissing the fallout rumors as baseless.

According to these new insights, DiCaprio and Cooper have no hard feelings. The narrative of a feud seems to be a concoction of overactive imaginations rather than a reflection of reality. Further debunking the rumors, a tipster noted, "Leo met up with Gigi in Italy and was all over her.

It's clear that he's staking out his territory — and everyone's whispering it's more about getting back at Bradley than anything else”. This comment suggests that the interactions between DiCaprio and Hadid are far from strained, and any notion of a feud with Cooper is mere speculation.

In Hollywood's glamorous and often scrutinized world, it's not uncommon for rumors to eclipse reality. The story of DiCaprio, Cooper, and Hadid is a prime example of how quickly speculation can spiral, underscoring the importance of discerning fact from fiction in the celebrity news landscape.