Drake's New Facial Tattoo: 'Miskeen' Inked

Drake surprises again with new ink and music release

by Zain ul Abedin
Drake's New Facial Tattoo: 'Miskeen' Inked
© Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Images

The expression "miskeen" holds specific importance in Toronto, Drake's dearest old neighborhood, particularly inside its Somali people group. As announced at NOW Toronto and the Daily Sentinel, the word can be deciphered in two unmistakable ways.

It can either signify somebody as "poor" or "pathetic," or, on the other hand, it tends to be utilized to depict an individual as "sweet" or "innocent." In the different social scenes of Toronto, the last option's importance is often the more common utilization of the term.

Regardless of the buzz encompassing his new tattoo, Drake still can't openly uncover its importance or offer a photograph on his own Instagram account. This demeanor of secret adds to the interest encompassing the rapper's decision to use this specific word for his facial art.

Drake's Artistic Evolution

Drake, likewise known for his hit "Hotline Bling," is no more abnormal to facial tattoos.

The previous summer, he gave proper respect to his mom, Sandra Gale, by getting her initials inked underneath his left eye. This new tattoo joins an assortment of significant body craftsmanship that the craftsman has collected throughout the long term.

As well as standing out as truly newsworthy with his body workmanship, Drake, as of late, shocked fans with the arrival of another EP. Named "Scary Hours 3," the EP dropped out of the blue on November 17, circling back to his 2021 delivery, "Scary Hours 2." The declaration of this most recent melodic endeavor was made through an Instagram post, further solidifying Drake's status as a craftsman who ceaselessly keeps his crowd connected with and speculating.

As Drake keeps exploring the crossing points of music, design, and individual articulation, his most recent tattoo demonstrates his association with his foundations and the different social impacts that shape his personality.

Whether the "miskeen" tattoo is a sign of approval for his childhood, an individual mantra, or a complex decision remains a subject of interest for fans and pundits.