Jacob Elordi Dodges James Bond Casting Query

Jacob Elordi's Versatile Acting Journey Takes New Turn

by Zain ul Abedin
Jacob Elordi Dodges James Bond Casting Query
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The name James Bond resonates with cinematic grandeur in espionage and high-stakes action. Following Daniel Craig's departure from the iconic role after the 2021 release of 'No Time to Die,' the film industry is abuzz with speculation about his successor.

Among the names tossed in the ring is Jacob Elordi, the 26-year-old Australian actor known for his roles in 'The Kissing Booth' movies and HBO's critically acclaimed series 'Euphoria.' Elordi, whose star has been on a meteoric rise, was recently probed by the media regarding these swirling rumors.

Speaking to Extra, the young actor expressed surprise and flattery at being considered a contender for the role immortalized by legends like Sean Connery and Daniel Craig. "Bond? James Bond?" Elordi mused, seemingly caught off guard by the suggestion.

"Is that what they’re saying?" His reaction, a blend of disbelief and honor, highlights his humble approach to the immense speculation. In a light-hearted exchange, Barry Keoghan, Elordi's co-star in the upcoming movie 'Saltburn,' teased about potentially playing the villain to Elordi's Bond.

Elordi responded with gratitude, noting how pleased he is that audiences and filmmakers envision him in such diverse roles. This sentiment underscores his dedication to his craft and his appreciation for the opportunities that have come his way.

Elordi's Rising Stardom

Beyond 'Saltburn,' Elordi is also set to portray Elvis Presley in Sofia Coppola’s upcoming movie 'Priscilla', showcasing his versatility as an actor. His transition from teen romance films to more complex roles in series like 'Euphoria' has been marked by critical acclaim, setting him apart as a rising star in Hollywood.

As the search for the next James Bond continues, Daniel Craig's legacy looms large. His 15-year tenure as the suave spy has set a high bar for whoever takes on the mantle next. Bond producer Barbara Broccoli stated in an interview with The Guardian that the franchise is at a crossroads, facing the challenge of reinventing itself for a new era.

According to Broccoli, this transition period is still in its infancy, with many decisions yet to be made. The world watches with bated breath, wondering who will next utter the iconic line, "The name's Bond, James Bond." Will Jacob Elordi step into those legendary shoes? Only time will tell.