Susan Sarandon, Melissa Barrera Dropped by Studios Over Israel-Hamas Comments

Hollywood Faces Turmoil Over Political Comments Amidst Conflict.

by Nouman Rasool
Susan Sarandon, Melissa Barrera Dropped by Studios Over Israel-Hamas Comments
© Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

In a significant development within Hollywood, Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon and Melissa Barrera, known for her role in the "Scream" franchise, have faced considerable backlash, leading to their departure from major industry agencies.

Their controversial remarks regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict have sparked intense debate and accusations of antisemitism, placing their careers under scrutiny. Susan Sarandon, a prominent figure not only for her acting prowess but also for her outspoken political activism, recently found herself at the center of controversy.

Her affiliation with the United Talent Agency came to an abrupt end following her participation in a pro-Palestinian rally in New York. During this event, Sarandon's comments, which drew parallels between the experiences of Jewish and Muslim communities in the United States, were met with significant criticism.

A spokesperson for the agency confirmed her departure but declined to provide further details. Attempts to reach Sarandon's representative for comments were unsuccessful.

Sarandon's Controversial Remarks

In her speech, Sarandon emphasized the need for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, highlighting the ongoing violence since the attacks in Israel on October 7.

Her stance, as reported by the New York Post and other media outlets, generated a strong reaction online. Critics, including Aviva Klompas, a former Israeli UN mission speechwriter, interpreted Sarandon's remarks as insensitive and problematic, conflating legitimate criticism of Israel with antisemitism.

Barrera's Career Setback

Parallel to Sarandon's situation, Melissa Barrera faced repercussions from Spyglass Media Group for her social media posts that harshly criticized Israel. Barrera, who had been a rising star in the "Scream" series, reportedly perpetuated stereotypes about Jewish influence in media, leading to her removal from the franchise.

Although the original posts were not directly observed by major news outlets like NBC News, their reported content was sufficient for Spyglass to issue a strong statement against antisemitism and hate speech. This wave of controversy underscores the heightened sensitivities in Hollywood around the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The issue has already impacted other figures in the industry, such as Maha Dakhil of Creative Artists Agency, who faced criticism for her social media posts. Additionally, the Writers Guild of America came under scrutiny for its delayed response to the Hamas assault in Israel.

Sarandon, celebrated for roles in films like “Dead Man Walking,” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and “Thelma & Louise,” is a five-time Oscar nominee and an Oscar winner. Barrera, on the other hand, is recognized for her work in "Scream," the series "Vida," and the film adaptation of "In the Heights."