Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse are expecting a baby


Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse are expecting a baby
Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse are expecting a baby © Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images Entertainment

Suki Waterhouse, 31, surprised everyone at the Corona Capital Music Festival in Mexico City when she proudly announced her pregnancy with 37-year-old actor Robert Pattinson. She rocked a sparkly outfit on stage and cheekily pointed to her baby bump, setting the internet on fire with the video.

Fans of Waterhouse and Pattinson are delighted with this news. Even though they usually keep things hidden, the couple recently opened up about living together in an interview on the podcast "Apple's Driven Minds." Suki shared some insider info, talking about how Pattinson fully embraced her quirks.

She even mentioned that professionals took care of her move into his place because she was too overwhelmed to pack or clean on her own. Pattinson doesn't talk much about his personal stuff, but in a chat back in 2019, he said he likes keeping things hidden to keep their relationship special.

They hardly showed up together in public until they got snapped at the Dior fashion show in Egypt, almost five years into dating.

Suki and her dating history

Suki had several relationships before Robert Pattinson, and certainly, the most interesting one is the one with Bradley Cooper.

They were in a relationship for two years, and the difference between them was 17 years. After breaking up with Cooper, Suki had trouble accepting that breakup. She struggled with depression for a long time, considering that she did not expect such a painful breakup.

“I was kind of depressed for a while,” Suki said, adding, “It stuck around for a long time. I think it was just the break-up and also just being in my twenties and in the * trenches”. The fact that Cooper started a relationship with Irina Shayk after her was painful for Suki.

The writings by the media caused her even greater pain. However, the moment she met Robert Pattinson, she realized that it was worth the pain, because Robert was made for her.