Netflix Rejects Prince Harry's Harsh Claims Against King Charles

Netflix's 'The Crown' Faces Backlash Over Royal Depiction

by Zain ul Abedin
Netflix Rejects Prince Harry's Harsh Claims Against King Charles
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In a recent twist of events within the British royal narrative, Prince Harry, the Duke of Suss*x, made a 'warm' phone call to his father, King Charles III, on the latter's 75th birthday. This gesture of familial connection comes in the wake of Prince Harry's explosive memoir, "Spare," which paints a vivid and often strained picture of his relationship with the monarch.

Released earlier this year, "Spare" dives deep into Prince Harry's life, focusing mainly on his complex dynamics within the royal family. The book notably highlights a poignant aspect of Harry's childhood: the absence of a comforting embrace from his father, King Charles III, following the tragic death of Princess Diana.

Harry was just 12 years old when the heartbreaking event occurred, and he has since been vocal about the profound impact it had on him. Amidst these revelations, Netflix's popular series, "The Crown," has come under scrutiny for its latest depiction of the royal family's history.

The show's sixth and final season premiered recently and has been the subject of debate for its interpretation of several critical incidents involving the royals.

The Crown's Controversial Portrayal

Royal expert Angela Levin, speaking to GB News, pointed out a significant deviation in "The Crown" from Prince Harry's account in "Spare." She referred to a scene where Dominic West, portraying King Charles, conveys the news of Princess Diana's demise to his sons.

Contrary to Harry's memoir, where he mentioned his father's lack of physical comfort, the Netflix series chose to portray a more empathetic Charles, one who offers physical consolation to his young son. Levin expressed that this portrayal might leave Prince Harry feeling 'furious,' given the discrepancy between his recollections and the show's narrative.

"The Crown," while dramatizing historical events, seems to have taken liberties that overlook the Duke of Suss*x's personal experiences as recounted in his memoir. This latest development in the portrayal of the British royal family highlights the ongoing complexities and sensitivities surrounding the public narrative of one of the world's most closely watched-monarchies.

As viewers and royal followers dissect these portrayals, the conversation around authenticity and artistic license in depicting real-life figures continues to evolve.

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