Stars Shine at F1 Las Vegas: Pitt, Ramsay, Rihanna

Las Vegas Hosts Glamorous Blend of Celebrities and Athletes

by Zain ul Abedin
Stars Shine at F1 Las Vegas: Pitt, Ramsay, Rihanna
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The Las Vegas Strip transformed into a glittering runway for stars as the Formula 1 Grand Prix brought its high-octane glamour to Sin City. The event, spanning from November 17 to November 19, was a showcase of elite motorsport and a magnet for celebrities from various fields.

The Grand Prix, concluding on Sunday with Max Verstappen's remarkable 18th season win, turned into a kaleidoscope of famous faces. Verstappen, aged 26 and a three-time world champion, shared his enthusiasm about the incredible turnout, expressing his eagerness to return next year.

Among the glitterati was Hollywood heavyweight Brad Pitt, age 59, currently working on a Formula 1-themed movie, 'Apex' Pitt shared his excitement with ABC7, and in a chat with Martin Brundle, a former British racing champion, he delved into his character a 1990s racer making a comeback with an underdog team.

He highlighted the unique filming techniques used to capture the intense racing experience. Adding musical flair to the event, Rihanna supported her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, who was recently named Puma's Creative Director for their F1 partnership.

The couple made a stylish appearance at a pop-up event, with Rihanna in a chic leather coat and A$AP Rocky showcasing the collaboration's neon gear. Australian pop icon Kylie Minogue dazzled with a performance at the opening ceremony, later seen mingling with 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' star Terry Crews.

Colombian singer J Balvin, the "prince of Reggaeton," graced both the opening and closing ceremonies, emphasizing the universal appeal of Formula 1.

Stars and Sports Legends

The event also saw Paris Hilton in her fashion-forward best, Heidi Klum with her husband Tom Kaulitz, and British supermodel Cara Delevingne, who opened up about her previous interaction with Sky Sports' F1 host at the British Grand Prix.

Sports legends like David Beckham, Shaquille O’Neal, and Usain Bolt added charisma to the event. Fresh from watching the ICC World Cup cricket semi-final in India, Beckham hosted a race night party with NBA star O'Neal, attended by the "fastest man in the world," Usain Bolt.

Culinary maestro Gordon Ramsay was also present, sharing glimpses of his Vegas experience on social media, including a meet-up with Sir Rod Stewart at the Red Bull Racing garage. The Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix, more than a racing event, was a confluence of global celebrities, showcasing the allure of Formula 1 as a pinnacle of sports and entertainment.

This blend of speed, glamour, and star power underscored the event's status as a not-to-be-missed spectacle in the world of sports and celebrity culture.

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