Yellowstone 5: Release Date Announced Amid Rumors of Kevin Costner's Exit

Disagreements Arise on 'Yellowstone's' Upcoming Season

by Zain ul Abedin
Yellowstone 5: Release Date Announced Amid Rumors of Kevin Costner's Exit
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The eagerly awaited continuation of the hit neo-western series "Yellowstone" has been officially confirmed, but not without a swirl of drama surrounding its leading star, Kevin Costner. As fans eagerly anticipate the fifth season, set to premiere in 2024, rumors are rife about Costner's potential exit from the series.

According to, "Yellowstone" Season 5 will return with a two-part format, featuring eight episodes each. The first segment is expected to air in early 2024, with the concluding part slated for release in the latter half of the year.

This announcement comes after the show's production faced temporary suspension due to the SAG-AFTRA strikes but is now on track to resume in the spring of 2024. Variety reports that the cast, including Costner, has been given an official date to return to filming.

This aligns with the planned release of the final eight episodes of Season 5 in November 2024. However, this news has been overshadowed by rumors of conflict behind the scenes, particularly involving Costner.

Costner-Sheridan Conflict Escalates

The speculation about Costner's departure stems from alleged disagreements with "Yellowstone" series creator Taylor Sheridan.

The root of the conflict appears to be scheduling issues, with Costner's commitment to his upcoming project, "Horizon," which is due for release in June 2024 and its second part in August, clashing with "Yellowstone's" filming schedule.

Further fueling the fire are claims of disputes over creative direction and pay for the show's final season. Sources close to the production reveal that Costner and Sheridan have been at odds over these matters, casting doubt on Costner's continued involvement in the series.

Costner, who has become synonymous with John Dutton's character, voiced his frustrations recently: "I couldn't help them anymore. We tried to negotiate; they offered me less money than previous seasons; there were issues with the creative." This statement has left fans speculating about the future of Costner's role and the series itself.

As "Yellowstone" gears up for its fifth season, the question on everyone's mind is whether Costner will return to his iconic role or if the series will take a new direction in his absence. With a solid fan base and critical acclaim, "Yellowstone" remains a crucial player in the television landscape, and its fifth season is sure to be a topic of much discussion and anticipation.

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