Paul Burrell's Revelation: 'The Crown' Set to Upset William and Harry

Paul Burrell Shares Candid Insights on "The Crown" Series

by Zain ul Abedin
Paul Burrell's Revelation: 'The Crown' Set to Upset William and Harry
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In a recent appearance on ITV's 'Lorraine,' former royal butler Paul Burrell provided an update on his health, revealing that he has been given the "all clear" by doctors following a battle with prostate cancer. The 65-year-old, known for his close association with Diana, Princess of Wales, discussed his health and offered insights into the latest season of the hit series, The Crown, which was released earlier today.

Paul Burrell's victory over prostate cancer was a moment of triumph for him, as he had been diagnosed with the disease last summer. He attributed his early diagnosis to health tests conducted before participating in 'I'm A Celebrity All Stars' in South Africa.

Those tests ultimately saved his life, and he now stands as a survivor, ready to share his perspectives on various matters. During his interview on 'Lorraine,' Burrell joined royal correspondent Russell Myers to discuss the controversies surrounding the new season of The Crown.

As a preview clip depicted events leading up to Princess Diana's tragic car crash, Burrell had to avert his gaze, finding the portrayal "too difficult" to watch. He expressed concerns that the season would not only distress viewers but also deeply affect Prince William and Prince Harry.

Burrell on Diana's Misrepresentation

Burrell's emotional investment in the series became apparent as he remarked, "I find this very difficult this series. I don't know if I can watch it. I found it easier to watch the first series of The Crown because it's far enough away in history for us not to be emotionally involved." He emphasized that The Crown is a dramatization, not an accurate portrayal of real events.

In particular, Burrell expressed his belief that Princess Diana was misrepresented throughout her life and that The Crown perpetuates this misconception. He shared his perspective on the real Diana, describing her as a fighter who stood up for her beliefs and her children.

Burrell's deep connection to Diana makes him a poignant voice in discussing the impact of the series on the royal family's emotions. As the latest season of The Crown continues to captivate audiences, Paul Burrell's insights serve as a reminder of the fine line between historical dramatization and the emotional legacy of real-life events, shedding light on the complex reactions it may evoke from those intimately connected to the stories it portrays.