Iconic Model Opens Up About Extreme Dieting: I Was Losing My Mind


Iconic Model Opens Up About Extreme Dieting: I Was Losing My Mind
Iconic Model Opens Up About Extreme Dieting: I Was Losing My Mind © Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images Entertainment

Many celebrities have opted for extreme measures to lose weight and achieve an ideal appearance. However, in pursuing this desire, many have experienced detrimental effects on their bodies and mental well-being. Linda Evangelista, known for her iconic statement of not getting out of bed for less than $10,000 a day, disclosed the unseen struggles behind maintaining her runway figure during a candid interview on the "Ruthin Table 4" podcast, as reported by the Daily Mail.

She revealed undergoing extreme measures, including a $10,000 program in the US during her late twenties that subjected her to a starvation diet. Evangelista recounted how her metabolism slowed down near 30, prompting her to start exercising regularly due to the demanding nature of her job, which involved frequent travel and constant work.

Linda Evangelista and her confession

The former supermodel confessed to trying various cleanses, including the intense "Master Cleanse," along with periodic one-week liquid-only treatments in Palm Springs. Reflecting on those experiences, she acknowledged the harm caused by such extreme measures and vowed never to subject herself to them again.

Evangelista didn't hold back in calling out the fashion industry's past fixation on unrealistically slim body standards for models. She passionately emphasized the positive transformations happening in today's fashion world, celebrating the much-needed shift toward embracing diverse body sizes.

Last year, she opened up about the adverse effects of a 'CoolSculpting' fat-freezing procedure, which left her with a rare complication, paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, leading to her feeling 'permanently deformed' and 'brutally disfigured.'

Her efforts to correct it included multiple treatments, including liposuction, and at one point, extreme calorie restriction by solely consuming water. I was losing my mind, said Evangelista. Linda Evangelista consistently pursued perfection, often resulting in significant challenges for herself.

She acknowledges her past mistakes, offering a crucial lesson for young girls and aspiring stars: exercising caution when it comes to weight loss and personal appearance