King Charles Embarrasses Prince Harry on His Birthday

Royal Schedules Clash on Significant Family Occasion

by Zain ul Abedin
King Charles Embarrasses Prince Harry on His Birthday
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In a significant development amidst ongoing royal tensions, King Charles notably did not engage in a birthday call with his son, Prince Harry, on his 75th birthday. Reports indicate that Prince Harry, the Duke of Suss*x, did not attempt to contact his father on this momentous occasion.

Furthermore, even if an attempt had been made, it appears that King Charles would have declined the call. Sources close to the royal family revealed to The Express that King Charles routinely dismisses any calls from Prince Harry, thereby challenging the rumors of any recent communication between the two.

The insider emphasized that Prince Harry did not coordinate with the King's team to set a time for a birthday call, which would align with King Charles' tightly packed schedule. Consequently, no such call transpired.

Missed Birthday Call

A source close to King Charles expressed surprise at the news of a potential phone call.

“There might have been a willingness for the Suss*xes to call the King on his birthday, but this intention wasn’t effectively communicated to the King's side promptly,” the source noted. The insider elaborated that there was no feasible opportunity for such a call.

On November 24, King Charles was engaged in two royal commitments, followed by a private birthday celebration, leaving no room for a personal call in his agenda. “The King was fully occupied with his duties during the day, and the evening was dedicated to celebrating with family and friends.

He didn’t have a moment to himself all evening,” the source added. The source firmly stated that no call occurred between Prince Harry and King Charles, highlighting that King Charles habitually avoids calls from his son.

“Every time Harry tries to reach out, Charles dismisses the call,” they said, adding that the King expects an apology from Prince Harry before any meaningful communication can resume.

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